The Black Utopia Project


The Black Utopia Project will provide opportunities for rest, reflection, and replenishment to Black femme and non-binary residents who have been cultivating their visions of cultural and economic power amongst Black Brooklynites. Rest/replenishment takes shape as “Sunday School,” six intimate sessions for multigenerational Black femmes to gather and find collective healing through conversation, creative-making, meditation and more. We’ll reflect during walking tours that honor Black Brooklyn’s rich history and visioning salons infused with joy and food that foster collaboration, connection, and collective power. We’ll produce a series of archival images and corresponding futurist collages inspired by our salon conversations that will be displayed throughout Bed-Stuy at sites of historic significance. We’ll compile the collages into an artifact: a photo book that will live at the Laundromat Project space and distribute posters/postcards featuring the collages and information about the Black Utopia Project throughout the community.

Meet the Artist