Neighborhood Voices


Every year since our founding, The LP has led community art workshops, participated in and organized festivals, and partnered with local community-based organizations in communities of color across New York City. None of this work is possible without the deep partnership of community members committed to their neighborhoods’ collective well-being. We honor them by sharing their stories. 

Neighborhood Voices is an original storytelling campaign that captures the spirit of Bed-Stuy’s vibrant community, by uplifting artists, local residents, community leaders, and business owners through testimonials, interviews, quotes, and captivating video and audio content. Neighborhood Voices champions the work and cultural contributions of artists and residents alike who are deeply committed to the preservation and stewardship of Bed-Stuy.

We invite you to meet and connect with the community members, longtime residents, and local business owners who make Bed-Stuy the special place we call our home and whose contributions to working collaboratively and sharing resources, deeply inspire The LP’s work.