Art does not exist in a silo; it permeates our everyday experiences, adding a richness to the ways in which we see ourselves as creators and collaborators with each other, with our natural environments, and with the systems within which we operate and interact. Often, even without knowing or acknowledging it, each of us plays a part in the creative process. There is also an art to how we live and how we “curate” our lives; whether that be in how we serve our communities through our jobs or volunteering or in how we engage with our families and friends. 

At The Laundromat Project, we believe art is connected to every aspect of our lives. We believe that the creative ecosystem is essential to the nurturing, development, and sustainability of our communities – and that it works in tandem with other levers affecting our society. 

This spring and throughout 2024, The Laundromat Project invites members of our community, new and existing, to join us in sharing the ways in which art and creativity are essential to your life. The LP’s Art & campaign is our way of expressing – and inviting you to share – the deep impact of creativity in our personal and collective experiences and the role it plays in shaping our communities and our lives.

The LP is focusing on several key areas that most resonate with our mission, and that often reflect the work of our Create Change Artists-in-Residence and Fellows. 

But, we invite you to fill in the Art & _____ with words that reflect the ways you see art impacting you and your community:

Our themes for ART& this year are:

Art & Archiving
At The Laundromat Project, we deeply understand the critical role of art and archiving in preserving the rich tapestries of communities of color. These practices are not merely acts of historical record-keeping but are vital processes through which communities assert their agency, shape their narratives, and reinforce the bonds that unite them. 

Art & Education
The arts hold an especially transformative power in the context of education and learning within communities of color, serving not only as a catalyst for personal growth but also as a critical means of preserving cultural heritage and fostering community resilience. 

Art & Civic Engagement / Political Action
Art and creativity are critical to the way in which we understand our role in shaping our communities and our society.  Both help us transcend the boundaries of language and left-brain rational thinking, often rigid and rooted in belief, striking directly at the heart of our experiences with emotive power and insights from different perspectives.

Art & Health / Wellness
It is proven that art has a measurable impact on our individual health and well-being. Studies show that engaging with art can significantly impact physical, emotional, and mental health outcomes. 

Art & Technology
Art & Technology explores the intersection of creativity and innovation in the digital age. The Laundromat Project embraces the potential of technology to expand the impact of art, supporting artists who push the boundaries of creativity and explore new ways to connect with and inspire their communities.

We encourage you to learn more about the work we do and the ways we support artists and neighbors as change agents in their own communities through artist funding and development.

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