Aisha Shillingford

Aisha Shillingford is an anti-disciplinary artist, designer and cultural strategist with primary practices in analog collage making, installation and experience design and social practice art. Her work engages Black folks in imagining futures and explores themes of fugitivity, opacity, Marronage and Black utopias. She is the Artistic Director of Intelligent Mischief, a creative studio using art, content and experience to unleash Black imagination to shape the future. Aisha is an alumna of LP create change Fellowship, an inaugural fellow of the Race Forward Butterfly Lab for immigrant narrative strategy, and a mentor in the New Museum Incubator. Past collaborative projects include the Black Body Survival Agency, Archipelago: An Immersive Sonic Experience; NationX, and We Are Their Wildest Dreams at WHO Owns Black Art during Miami Art Week in 2019. Collaboration and collective imagination are key approaches in her work. Her work is informed by her experience as a community organizer and movement builder.