Not In My House: A Multidimensional Attack on Gentrification in Bed-Stuy


A free course and QR treasure hunt for residents of Bed-Stuy who wish to immerse themselves in the rich Black history of the neighborhood ~ further inspiring and equipping residents to protect that history from the rampant gentrification that seeks to commodify and erase it. This project is multidimensional in nature–combining live and recorded oral histories, collaborative storytelling, street art, everyday technology, and radical pedagogy that challenges exploitative narratives, offers real alternatives to gentrification, and organizes our neighbors in service of each other.

Meet the Artist

Joseph Capehart is a Liberian poet and abolitionist educator based in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. Black, queer, and concerned with freedom ~ they wield storytelling as blade and balm in service of Black liberation. They are currently teaching and organizing alongside their neighbors in Bed-Stuy through The Garden Abolitionist Bookstore & Community Well and hold an MFA in Poetry from Randolph College.