DreamSeed Oracle Tarot Deck


Created by Malanya Graham, Maliika Nia-Imani, and Blaise Sparda (DreamSeed Collective), The DreamSeed Oracle tarot deck will offer guidance and affirmations to those who have limited access to these tools. The project was born out of the idea that generational healing is co-created within community. Black and POC communities have deep ties to tarot but are rarely represented in their imagery. Inspired by Black and POC queer ancestors and holistic wellness practices, this deck aspires to be a symbol of the artists’ drive to thrive in the midst of violence. The artists will host virtual conversations on tarot’s relevance to generational, collective healing and lead workshops on design, self-portraiture, and sacred adornment to inform the creation of the deck.

“We have practiced tarot during life’s transitions and can attest to the healing power of intention and affirmations. In Emergent Strategy, adrienne maree brown postulates that healing is non-linear and iterative: ‘Transformation […] happens in cycles, convergences, explosions.’  ‘Resilience is perhaps our most beautiful, miraculous trait.’ The magic of tarot lies in its ability to ebb and flow with the spirit. The imagery remains constant, while the messages transform with the deep introspection of the beholder. Through reflection, the lessons we repeat can be seen through evolving perspectives. This deck celebrates the beauty, diversity, and resiliency of our community.”

Meet the Artist