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Blaise Sparda

2021 Create Change Artist-In-Residence 

Brooklyn | Acrylic, Ink, Digital

Artist Bio
Blaise Sparda is an independent visual artist, model, and professional tarot reader based in Brooklyn, New York. Hailing from Trindad and Tobago, Sparda’s art navigates the spaces between two disparate worlds. They are inspired by the spiritual technology of their ancestors and have utilized tarot for the spiritual and emotional wellness of their clientele. For Sparda, tarot is a gateway to the facets of the self that needs the most love and understanding.

Project Description
Dreamseed Oracle Deck
Blaise Sparda, Malanya Graham, and Maliika Nia-Imani (DreamSeed Collective) will create The DreamSeed Oracle tarot deck, inspired by the artists’ Black and POC queer ancestors and holistic wellness practices. The artists will host virtual conversations on tarot’s relevance to generational, collective healing and lead workshops on design, self-portraiture, and sacred adornment to inform the creation of the deck.

What is the role of art and culture for the future of the city?
“Art is the universal language of the city. It facilitates growth within BIPOC communities by allowing our unique perspectives to reach a wider audience.

By interacting with our cultures we gain the wisdom of our ancestors and transform it for our descendants.  Art allows us to form relationships with our inner selves, by sharing it we nurture our natural curiosity. ”

Artist Website

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