Raúl Ayala

2013 Create Change Fellow | 2015 Commissions Artist | 2020 Creative Action Fund Awardee

Raúl Ayala is a visual artist and educator focusing on the production of murals, drawings, urban art, and illustration, encompassing themes related to freedom, immigration, and urban-rural politics. His work has been shown in many different contexts and countries. He works in collaboration with art collectives in New York and Quito.

Creative Action Fund 2020 | Kipi Recordante/Recording Kipi
Created in partnership with Fernanda Espinosa, Kipi Recordante/Recording Kipi is an artist book traveling across time and space with particular ritual instructions, meant to be harvested by the artists’ 8 nieces and nephews when each turns 18 years old. The book will be sowed underground, containing an array of visual and aural languages, including portraits of the artists and a record of their lived experience interwoven with interpretations of our current times.