Fernanda Espinosa

2015 Commissions Artist | 2020 Creative Action Fund Awardee

Fernanda Espinosa is an Ecuadorian immigrant based in Brooklyn, New York. She is a member and co-founder of Ropajeveros: Immigrant Workers Art Collective and of the People’s Climate Arts group. Her work focuses on social justice and the intersection and common origin of the social issues of our time through cultural organizing, immigrant community health, language access, and oral histories.

Creative Action Fund 2020 | Kipi Recordante/Recording Kipi
Created in partnership with Raúl Ayala, Kipi Recordante/Recording Kipi is an artist book traveling across time and space with particular ritual instructions, meant to be harvested by the artists’ 8 nieces and nephews when each turns 18 years old. The book will be sowed underground, containing an array of visual and aural languages, including portraits of the artists and a record of their lived experience interwoven with interpretations of our current times.


2015 Commissions Artist: Whose Streets

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