The Future-Legacy Fund marks a paradigm shift for The LP in generating support to build community power for Bed-Stuy and other Black and Brown communities.

What is The Future-Legacy Fund?

As The Laundromat Project (LP) approaches its twentieth anniversary, we aspire to build a legacy reaching beyond the confines of the present to enact the potential for enduring impact and positive change.

The Future-Legacy Fund will champion research and development (R&D) initiatives, drive the realization of transformative social practice projects outlined in The LP’s 2024 strategic plan, seed the organization’s long-term financial sustainability, and deepen the impact of ongoing public engagement and programs that provide resources to artists.

Who are the Sustainers?

The Sustainers—the driving force behind The Future-Legacy Fund—are members of an innovative financial support model committed to actualizing The LP’s vision. They help The LP promote self-determination and community power for our BIPOC artists and neighbors, and in reciprocity, we help them track the impact of their direct giving. Together with our major funders, Sustainers form a dynamic coalition of forward-thinking supporters. 

The relationship between Sustainers and The Laundromat Project transcends transactional giving, creating an interconnected web of support and a shared dedication to future generations. Collectively, Sustainers assume pivotal roles in crafting the narrative of our community’s future, leaving an indelible legacy that surpasses the limitations of the present moment.


Sustainers dues will support The Future-Legacy Fund, enabling The LP’s financial independence and agility, allowing us never to compromise our commitment to collective liberation through creative expression. In reciprocation, The LP offers Sustainers access to private receptions, curator-led trips, open studios, and networking opportunities with cultural, business, and civic leaders:

*Sustainers at the $15,000 level can direct their gift to our other various efforts, including building intergenerational wealth within our community, codifying The LP’s critical pedagogy, and expanding our artists’ resources programs. Please learn more by contacting us. 

Interested in joining?

Contact Munira Khapra-Reininger, Director of Development and External Affairs, at [email protected] to schedule a conversation.