Seyi Adebanjo, Dennis RedMoon Darkeem & Priscilla Stadler

Seyi, Dennis, and Priscilla created a visual “trialogue” to represent the themes most central to their lives and our work at this time. They sent each other 10 images and 1 or 2 songs, then responded to the group with words and phrases.

Seyi Adebanjo wove the contributions together, with input from Priscilla Stadler and Dennis RedMoon Darkeem. They submitted their conversation in the form a video, entitled “Soul Spirit Courage”:


OluSeyi Adebanjo is a Queer gender-non-conforming Nigerian and MFA filmmaker. Seyi raises awareness around social issues through digital video and multimedia photography. Seyi’s work is the intersection of art, media, ritual & politics. Read The LP interview with Seyi here, and visit Seyi on the web at

As a multi-media artist, Dennis expresses these motifs through fine art, performance and photography. Ultimately, he sets out to express a meaningful story about events in his life and those found with the communities with whom he works. Read The LP with Dennis here, and visit him on the web at

Priscilla Stadler explores beliefs and behavior through drawing, installation, and human interaction, often inviting the public to co-create these investigations. Social practice and physical making are both important in her work. Read The LP interview with Priscilla here, and visit her on the web at