Walis Johnson

Walis Johnson is a multidisciplinary artist/researcher whose work documents the experience and poetics of the urban landscape through oral history and ethnographic film, performance and artist walking practices. She holds an MFA from Hunter College in Integrative Media and taught at Parsons School of Design.

Get to know Walis Johnson
What role can art and culture play in shaping the future of your neighborhood or the city at large?

I believe that art is a catalyst for change, not always political change. If we are open and drop what we know of our biases, then art can open us further to recognize a new truth that we hadn’t contemplated before. That’s why I have developed a social practice. I want to meet people where they are, offer a new perspective and then see what happens from there. Change happens when we least expect it in the interaction between the participant, the artist and the experience of the work.