Bed-Stuy Create & Connect Fund Recipient

About Str8OuttaBklynMedia

Str8OuttaBklynMedia is an organization focused on implementing youth and artist development initiatives. Through vocational training and artistic programs we create safe spaces for our youth and community artists to thrive.

The Artist and Repertoire Show

The Artist and Repertoire Show is a performance art showcase for Black and brown youth in Brooklyn. It is a safe space for them to thrive creatively while receiving necessary life skills. Young artists who are rising stars in Brooklyn, and artists who are performing for the first time will be featured. There will also be a video game tournament and open video game portion of the event for youth to play at their leisure. We will have professionals to provide GED/educational services, gang intervention and prevention services, legal aid, and employment opportunities. Raffles Prizes and a fresh vegetable giveaway will also be part of the day’s activities. 

Create & Connect Fund Applicant: Johari James

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