Siyona Ravi

2019 Create Change Fellow | 2020 Creative Action Fund Awardee

Crown Heights | Mixed Media

Artist Bio

Siyona Ravi was born in Bangalore, raised in a small town outside of Chicago, and currently lives in Crown Heights. She works collaboratively to develop tools and spaces for sharing knowledge, expressing creativity, and building solidarity.

What artist, curator, activist or project has influenced or inspired you?

At the moment I’m drawn to “Volvió Juanita,” a perfume by artist (and LP alum!) Lizania Cruz. Drawing from her experiences as an immigrant from the Dominican Republic, she explores her associations between the scent of Tide detergent and conflicting feelings of disillusion with New York City. I have strikingly similar memories of the smell of Tide, but hadn’t expressed this until I smelled this piece! It’s a beautiful way of capturing shared experiences of immigrant communities.