Selamawit Worku

2020 Create Change Fellow | 2021 Creative Action Fund Awardee


Brooklyn | Theatre, film, music, writing

Artist Bio
Selamawit Worku is an Ethiopian-American trilingual actor, singer and producer. Raised in Northern Virginia and currently based in Brooklyn, she has been developing her skills as a creative storyteller through various projects. Her mission is to amplify the nuanced experiences of black identity, immigrants, and womanhood as a storyteller using the mediums of film, theater, music, and writing.

What Does Abundance Mean To You?
“Practicing abundance means to live with intentionality, with the belief and goal of experiencing life fully and freely for myself and community. It is valuing the sharing of resources, energy, support, funds, and time for personal and communal development.”

2021 Creative Action Fund | Mutual Aid Society

The “Mutual Aid Society” limited series podcast features conversations with individuals whose work, practices, or rituals incorporate a component of mutual aid, healing, or community development. The series is an audio storytelling archive that will showcase the innovative ways mutual aid can exist within a community, beyond the traditional financial model. Each episode will touch on a different theme as the guests share personal stories, current offerings and ethos, and speculative discussion on regeneration, healing, and mutual aid systems among Black, Indigenous, and POC communities. This podcast is the second act of a storytelling project that began in July 2020 with a public participatory exchange on Instagram. The first act of the project aimed at engaging followers with activity prompts, specifically through the artist’s personal, ancestral, and familial stories. Now as the project expands into an audio storytelling format to feature interviews, it will serve not only as oral history but as a current resource of ideas and practices for the extended community. The podcast will be available on streaming platforms in Fall 2021.

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