Rochelle Jamila Wilbun

Rochelle Jamila Wilbun is a Brooklyn-based Black movement and healing artist. She integrates movement, voice, and ritual through her work as a dancer, doula, herbalist, and energy practitioner. Rochelle comes from a long line of teachers, conjurers, caregivers, and earth tenders from whom she channels guidance and wisdom. Her work explores healing through dance, voice, and ritual and has been shown at the University of Amsterdam, Barnard College, Greenspace, the Craft, Elizabeth Street Garden, and the Current Showcase. As a dancer, she has worked with artists such as Ebony Noelle Golden, Jasmine Hearn, Ambika Raina, Maya Lee Parritz, Colleen Thomas-Young, and Beth Gill. Rochelle has taught dance and movement workshops in NYC public schools and community centers. She has supported over 25 families as a doula.

Get to know Rochelle Jamila Wilbun
What is the role of art and culture for the future of the city?

“Art and culture are the heartbeat of NYC. The rich cultural fabric of this city is what makes it unlike any other place. Culture connects us across time and space with our ancestors and our community. Culture gives us joy and healing and brings us together. “

What Does Abundance Mean To You?

“Abundance means remembering we are children of this beautiful planet, and honoring our mutualistic relationship with the world around us.”