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Jing Dong

2022 Create Change Fellow 

Lower East Side | Theatre, Socially Engaged Art, Teaching Artist

Artist Bio

Jing Dong is a theatre maker focusing on creating research-based and community-based interdisciplinary performances. She believes that theatre is a space for people to gather, share, and imagine a collective future. Jing developed her artistry in ensemble settings by taking multiple roles. She has initiated projects on the Lower East Side that investigate into personal memories and social-historical context, and promote social justice and the well-being of community members. She was a 2019/20 AIR at University Settlement, and a LMCC Creative Engagement Grantee in 2020/21.

What role can art and culture play in shaping the future of your neighborhood or the city at large?

“Art and culture enrich the lives of community members and provide them with tools and inspirations that they can use to develop their creativity, voice their needs, reflect on their experiences, and connect with other community members and the broader world. Art and culture are essential to a healthy neighborhood and to the city because they create spaces for people to gather, connect, reflect, have conversations, and take actions for a better future.”



When Memories Shine: Storytelling Works
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