Gisela Zuniga

Gisela Zuniga is a multimedia producer and filmmaker, raised in the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas, and of the Honduran and Mexican diaspora. Her explorations of generational displacement, love, and healing are motivated by being part of the Honduran and Mexican diasporas, manifesting them through fantastical elements and nonlinear storytelling techniques. She specializes in documentary film, mixed reality projects, digital journalism, and fiction writing. Gisela graduated from NYU in spring 2018, double majoring in Film & Television Production and Latino Studies. She participated in student organizing initiatives focused on equity and racial justice. After college, she worked as a member of grassroots South Texas media collective Neta, and did art residencies in New York and Mexico City. She currently works as a freelance multimedia producer.

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What Does Abundance Mean To You?

“Practicing abundance means looking forward to what can be built for a more sustainable, loving, and just future for our communities, not solely focusing on dismantling the violent systems currently in place.”