Bianca Mońa

Bianca Mońa is an artist, arts administrator, curator, educator, and advocate. Bianca’s art challenges the standards of beauty through the exploration of mixed media, texture, and text. Her work has been featured in Rebel Diaz Art Collective and Bushwick Open Studios. In addition, she was a consultant for the Caribbean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute (New York City) and the Sauti Yetu Center for African Women (Bronx), and led travel tours about African Diasporic arts to such places as Cuba and Panama. She directed community programs at the Richmond Art Center, where she spearheaded five programs for youth ranging from 2 to 21 years old in her native Bay Area, including an emerging artist teen program. Bianca holds a BA in arts administration from Dillard University (New Orleans), and two Masters Degrees (art education and interdisciplinary studies) from San Jose State University and Teachers College, Columbia University.

2020 Creative Action Fund | Reflective Reverberation I, II, III.

2021 Creative Action Fund | Joy Embodied: Stories of Black Movement for Healing

Joy Embodied is an anthology of oral histories that documents how Black Diasporic communities engage in healing modalities and rituals through everyday movement. The anthology explores generational Black movement traditions that have been practiced and passed down, from moving as one in joyous celebration at Trinidad Carnival to the solitude and calm of moving back and forth in a rocking chair.