We Are Here: As Quiet As It’s Kept

Bed-Stuy Create & Connect Fund Recipient

Since the Great Migration, Black people have built a vibrant and thriving mecca in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, making it an icon of community, culture, and resistance. But the neighborhood is changing. Gentrification, racist housing policies, and systemic oppression have forced longtime Bed-Stuy residents and business owners out of the neighborhood, as a younger, predominately white, population moves in. Black residents must reconcile these changes with their sense of belonging on the blocks they built.

“We Are Here” is a celebration of Bedford-Stuyvesant’s rich cultural legacy—a testament to its past and present. The project, originally curated as part of Bailey’s Cafe’s As Quiet As It’s Kept centers images and stories of long-time Bed-Stuy residents, cementing their place as neighborhood icons in the name of resilience and permanence.

“We Are Here” features photographs by Robyn Twomey with interviews by Monica L. Williams, artistic director of As Quiet As It’s Kept, is culturally produced by Pia Monique Murray, and supported by Bailey’s Cafe. 

Create & Connect Fund Applicant: Pia Monique Murray