Arielle Knight

Arielle Knight works as an independent filmmaker, producer and editor of short and long form documentary films. Her work centers on creating more of what is not enough and less of what is too much.

Get to know Arielle Knight
What artist, curator, activist or project has influenced or inspired you?

At the moment I am most inspired by Blvck Archives, an online archive of visual narratives from the black diaspora. The project is both a collaborative archiving platform with crowd-sourced black family photos that create a sort of family album of the diaspora and a collection of visual histories from vibrant black communities throughout America.

What place in your neighborhood is personally meaningful to you and why?

My block in summer. I moved to New York in the summer of 2014 and though I had spent summers here in Harlem with family during my childhood I did not remember the vibrancy of the block on a hot summer night. There is music and laughter and fighting and playing into the early hours of the morning. This is the epitome of human life for me and reminds me that I am alive and a part of something really quite particular in the world.