Anjelic Owens

Anjelic Owens (b.1994) is a visual artist based in Brooklyn, New York. She received her BS in Mathematics at Illinois State University and MFA in Photography at Parsons School of Design. Her work has been exhibited nationally in various group exhibitions in Chicago, New York, and Houston.

Her practice explores systems and how communities respond to them. From historical research to present day experience, black and brown communities continue to exist, flourish, and pushback against these systems. With common themes of resiliency, accessibility, communal wealth, agency, and intergenerational trauma, she began to redefine how she utilized photography. Anjelic gravitates towards the creation of space and the use of sound to highlight its ability to affect our emotional sensibility. As she continues to explore the various forms of systemic injustice, one key factor rings true, as our systems continue to fail us our communities will continue to save us.


Get to know Anjelic Owens
What is the role of art and culture for the future of the city?

“The role of art and culture is to shape an equitable and intersectionally just future for our city. Throughout history, artists continue to tell the truth, in seeing the gaps where our societal structures fall short. The unique and uncontainable nature of art provides clarity and a new vision to a rigid society.”