Angela Miskis 

Angela Miskis is an Ecuadorian American visual artist and community organizer based in South East Queens. Angela’s family upbringing, dedication to social service, and desire to build a healthier and more sustainable future in her community fuel and inspire her work. Angela Miskis graduated from the School of Visual Arts in 2013 with a Visual and Critical Studies degree. Her honors include the Silas H. Rhodes scholarship (2011) and the Visual and Critical Studies Scholarship (2013), which awarded her a five-month artist in residence at the Leipzig International Art Programme (2014) in Germany. Recently, Miskis was awarded a residency at ChaShaMa’s ChaNorth International Artists Program (2019) in Pine Plains, NY. And the ArtWorks Inc. Seminar Fellowship at the Jamaica Arts Center for Arts and Learning (2020).

Get to know Angela Miskis 
What is the role of art and culture for the future of the city?

The role of art and culture for the city’s future is to create more opportunities for people to share their experiences and skills with their immediate community. Art and culture can simplify complex and essential information into more approachable, engaging, and memorable experiences that people can understand and apply.