Amanda Everich

Amanda Everich (they/them) is a queer and nonbinary seed of African diaspora and Ukrainian descent, teaching artist, facilitator, experimental mapmaker, collaborator, and farmer-in-training from the Bronx, New York (unceded Wappinger Munsee Lenape land). Through Map Your Play (Creative Action Fund 2020), they create offerings and hold space for the rituals of decolonizing and becoming through play, mapmaking, creativity, and connecting with the ancestral wisdom of the land to empower individual and collective liberation.

Get to know Amanda Everich
What artist, curator, activist or project has influenced or inspired you?

Steven Casanova is a photographer and food activist that I connected with to volunteer in Puerto Rico. He uses his knowledge of food history to educate people on how they can eat cheaper with better quality food. He uses his art to bring awareness to the struggles of the farmers and people of Puerto Rico. Both of these things are inspiring to me because they involve real-life application and steps people can take. His projects are used to organize groups to work on the farms directly, raise money for the communities in need and change the relationship people have with their food.

What place in your neighborhood is personally meaningful to you and why?

I grew up near and going to The Point because my father and godfather taught music lessons there for years. It meant a lot to me to see all of these people from the Bronx making and creating. It was also important for me to see my family sharing their knowledge and continuing to learn from young people in this exchange to help each other grow. It taught me that work could be about people, fun and collaborative.