Alejandra Nasser

Alejandra is a born and bred New Yorker working as a community organizer within the New York City housing rights movement. Her organizing practice focuses on mobilizing and empowering marginalized communities of low income people of color to dismantle the oppressive reality of gentrification, landlord harassment and historically prejudiced disenfranchisement.

Get to know Alejandra Nasser
What place in your neighborhood is personally meaningful to you and why?

The ground floor of the Baptist Church of the Redeemer on the corner of Cortelyou Road and Ocean Ave is where the magic happens. This is where we have our monthly coalition meetings for the Flatbush Tenant Coalition, and once a month on a Saturday morning it is a space for tenants to literally wake up, come through and be woke. Coalition members, newcomers and regulars, pile into an always too hot or too cold ‘schoolhouse’ room to stimulate discussions surrounding tenant rights, racial justice and anti-oppressive organizing. It serves as a space for both strategy and self preservation. As we build our campaigns and arm our community to fight, in that cramped room one can look around and see the revolution. You can see the progress of leadership and mentorship, and a community that stands together to build towards a better future.”