Aisha Shillingford

Born and raised in Trinidad & Tobago, Aisha Shillingford is straddling worlds but is primarily situated in Brooklyn, NYC. She is an artist and social movement strategist. She works across artistic disciplines and across movement sectors to unleash black imagination to shape the future.

2021 Creative Action Fund | Black Body Survival Guide

We are just a few months away from completing and publishing the Black Body Survival Guide, a compilation of satirical tips, tricks, and tools for navigating post-racial America with a Black Body. We’ve been writing the book for the past few years and currently creating illustrations, collages and layout work in preparation for publishing and releasing in August 2021. The audience for the book are intergenerational Black audiences and those who are interested in the role of humor and satire in combating racism.

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What Does Abundance Mean To You?

Abundance means to me that anything is possible when black imaginations are unleashed. It means interdependence and creativity at the intersection of identities to produce a future where we can all thrive.