Interview with Rudy Shepherd

The Laundromat Project commissions awesome New York City artists to make special edition prints and design merchandise. The sale of these items helps The LP bring fun, accessible, community-responsive arts programming to laundromats and other public spaces across the city. To purchase a print or tote bag, please click here.

Tell us about your LP commissioned print.

Blacula is part of a large body of working looking at the black image in popular culture. I thought Blacula was interesting because he seems to epitomize the culture’s fear of black men.

What inspired you to support The Laundromat Project?

I am an artist that is interested in working in the community and also in reaching out to people that wouldn’t normally be interested in art, so the Laundromat Project seems like a perfect fit.

What’s your neighborhood?

I currently live in Inwood, which is an interesting world within a world. It’s got all the grit and attitude of Harlem, but also some beautiful parks and interesting people.

What’s your favorite thing about your neighborhood?

Fort Tryon Park.

What are you reading now?

What is the What by Dave Eggers about the Lost Boys of Sudan.

What’s your favorite New York song, poem, movie or novel?

Just Above My Head by James Baldwin. I was living in Sugar Hill at the time I was reading the book and could just see the whole thing playing out in my neighborhood.

Well, The Invisible Man might be my favorite book ever and part of it takes place in NYC so….

What most inspires your work?

A sense of curiosity about the things that happen in our world.

Rudy was a Public Artist-in-Residence in 2006. Read more about his project here.

Find out more about Rudy by visiting his website.

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