2023 Change Residency Projects

POC-Centered Principles

Since our beginning, The LP has centered the voices, cultures, imaginations, knowledge, and leadership of people of color (POC).

We do this to push against complex systemic injustices in pursuit of a world in which all people—across race, ethnicity, class, age, gender, sexuality, religion, nationality, disability status, and migration status—are free to be their whole selves.

Bed-Stuy Happenings

Artist Jazmine Hayes stands, confident, in front of The Laundromat Project storefront on Fulton Street. Her artwork is in the background.

Jazmine Hayes Holds the Bed-Stuy Community in her Hands 

The Laundromat Project’s Fulton Street Window Commission, now in its second year, invites a Bed-Stuy visual artist to design artwork for a one-year vinyl installation on the main window of our community hub space. This year, we selected Jazmine Hayes’ work to be displayed at our storefront’s window, and we are excited to share her work with our neighbors and community members! Read on to learn more about Jazmine and her work, “Through Our Hands We Are Guided”, which you can see in-person at The Laundromat Project’s storefront at 1476 Fulton Street in Brooklyn through 2023.

Direct Impact


directly invested since 2005.

Since 2005, we have invested in more than 200+ multiracial, multigenerational, and multidisciplinary artists; 89 innovative public art projects; and a creative community hub in Bed-Stuy, while engaging over 48,000 New Yorkers across the city and beyond.

The LP’s Spin Cycle blog houses all of our most exciting project updates, essays, staff news, and other miscellaneous outputs of our work.