TBD Salon III: A Virtual Studio Visit to Support Artists

We are proud to announce a partnership with TBD Salon to present TBD Salon III on August 30 at 7:30PM EDT via zoom! TBD Salon is a series of community-funded virtual studio visits that support artists and arts organizers who have been impacted by COVID-19.  This month’s program will support artists/educators through a salon led by Camilo Godoy in conversation with LP Create Change alumni Lindsay Catherine Harris and Emilio Martinez Poppe

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In partnership with a series of artist-centered organizations, TBD Salon builds community while supporting artists and arts organizers, creative practices, and critical connections during this uncertain time. Donations of $10 per program are encouraged to attend and support honorariums for the participants. For those who can’t donate at this time, please send TBD Salon an email at [email protected], and the team will gladly sign you up at no cost.

TBD Salon is raising funds for artists/educators and arts organizers because of the strain that they have experienced due to cancelled speaking engagements, postponed exhibitions, income loss, layoffs, and barred access from studios and shops, while at the same time, noting the multitude of connections happening virtually during the pandemic. TBD Salon formed as a means to support artists and arts organizers both monetarily and programmatically during this time.

About the TBD Salon III Artists
Lindsay is an artist/educator working to increase meaningful civic engagement through the arts, challenge inequity, and amplify youth voice—specifically femme, queer, and trans youth of color—in cultural programming in Brooklyn. Emilio is an artist and MFA-MCP dual degree candidate whose practice evokes lived legacies of belonging as resistance to the gentrification of bodies, identities, public spaces, and intimacies. Camilo is an artist/educator whose practice is concerned with the construction of political meanings and histories.

10% of all proceeds raised for this program will be donated to LP alumni The Black School’s fundraiser to Build a Black Radical Art School—a 21st-century schoolhouse to expand their Black radical art programming into a community center providing civic engagement activities for New Orleans’ 7th Ward.

Image description: A light yellow square graphic with pink and brown text reading “Sign up for TBD III featuring Lindsay Catherine Harris, Emilio Martinez Poppe, Camilo Godoy.” A pink circle with yellow text reads “A salon in support of artists / educators” and the TBD logo appears in the lower left with a line that reads “created in partnership with the Laundromat Project.”