Open Studio: Haus of Dust

>>> This event is free and open to the public. Register to attend here.

The LP and Haus of Dust invite you to participate in an immersive virtual experience
on Latinx Queer communities dealing with substance use, followed by a conversation with Create Change Artist-in-Residence Gabriel G. Torres, producer Aaron Salazar, and marketing & development director Kristen Kelso. The conversation will be facilitated by Richard Morales, Manager of Community Partnerships at the LGBT Center.

The 5-7 minute immersive virtual experience will include a journaling exercise/meditation about personal identity, family, abundance, loss and grief facilitated by Gabriel Torres, with music by Vanesa Rappa. Afterwards, Gabriel will discuss his journey with substance use, the project at large, and what is yet to come! 

To best experience this event, please use headphones.

Visit the Haus of Dust project website. 

Access note: The Laundromat Project is committed to hosting accessible and inclusive events. Real-Time Captioning (CART) will be available for Open Studio: Haus of Dust. 


Haus of Dust is possible as a part of the Create Change Residency at The Laundromat Project. It is also possible through community collaboration with Loisaida INC, The Tank NYC, OSS Project, MoRUS, The LGBT Center and support by The Stonewall Foundation. Haus of Dust is fiscally sponsored by Producers Hub.

Image description: Pink and orange event flyer with event details and a black and white headshot of Artist-in-Residence Gabriel Torres.