The Laundromat Project staff members, led by the executive director, Kemi Ilesanmi, interacting with neighbors at the organization’s new storefront in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. Credit: Douglas Segars for The New York Times.

A moment of reflection & celebration

Dear Friends,

Some moments demand a deep, belly-filling inhale and a long, audible exhale. Today is one of those moments.

For 17 years, here at The LP, we have endeavored to build a national model of POC-centered institution-building and community-oriented arts pedagogy. Our work is built on a foundation of love and accountability to our community and one another. We operate with a deep, unshakable commitment to a shared vision––a world in which artists and neighbors in communities of color work together to unleash the power of creativity to transform lives. A heartfelt thanks to Hilarie Sheets and The New York Times for the platform to share our story and celebrate our community.

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→ Read the transition press release

In that spirit, I breathe in the love and breathe out gratitude as I also share news of my departure from this beloved institution at the end of the year. I want to make room for the next generation of organizational leadership and vision. My time at The LP–– five as a founding board member, two as a friend, and the past 10 as our first full-time and paid Executive Director––have been incredible. I am so lucky and humbled to have been tasked with this work. As The New York Times so beautifully captured across the chorus of voices, the commitment to the work of this organization extends beyond a singular individual and vision. Ours is a shared story.

Graphic with portraits of Kemi Ilesanmi and Ayesha WIlliams on a black background.

I look forward to watching with pride as the organization continues its transformative work under the inspired leadership of our current deputy director and next executive director Ayesha Williams. Meanwhile, we will focus on making this a smooth transition over the next six months, and look forward to celebrations this fall!

In light & breath,