Rehan Ansari

Rehan Ansari is a Brooklyn-based writer, director, and journalist.

His play Unburdened was staged in New York and Prague. He’s been Editor at Independent Press Association (New York) and Foreign Editor Daily News and Analysis (Mumbai). He was a regular columnist at Mid-Day Mumbai and has written for publications in India, Pakistan, Canada, Ireland, and the US, about art, politics, borders, civil rights, and historical trauma.

Rehan is working on a storytelling and oral history project called Breaking the Silence in partnership with artist Anjali Kamat. The project takes place within the South Asian American community in Queens, New York and builds on the work of Anjali and Rehan, separately, in journalism, fiction, and theater, and together, in the feature documentary they are completing, to challenge the familial and community silences around complicity with supremacist projects in South Asia.