Anjali Kamat

Breaking the Silence 

Breaking the Silence is a storytelling and oral history project within the South Asian American community in Queens, New York that builds on the work of Anjali Kamat and Rehan Ansari. Their project challenges familial and community silence around complicity with supremacist projects in South Asia. Much of their work highlights the loneliness of dissenting against nationalist narratives that are often simply victim narratives built on resentment against the so-called “other.”

This project will offer workshops for South Asian American youth to develop a multimedia storytelling project about the legacies of ethnocentrism as well as stories of resistance within their family histories. The goal of this work is to provoke , encourage, and enable participants to question their family legacies and develop the skills to tactfully and ethically interview elders in their community. The duo will also collaborate with other South Asian artists, activists, and community members (including, perhaps, South Asian American city council members who have taken a strong stand against supremacist politics in South Asia) to further develop our programming.