Trisha Barton

Trisha Barton is the Senior Manager of Arts & Pedagogy with The Laundromat Project. She has her B.A. in Psychology from Spelman College and her EdM in Art Education and Creative Technology from Columbia University. Trisha’s work is focused on the affordances of hands-on experience in understanding, transferring, and integrating multiple subjects when creating. For the last eight years, Trisha has researched STEAM/STEM curricula and pedagogy while working with diverse individuals in gender, age, and ethnicity. Trisha has also conducted many hours of virtual facilitation around social justice and design workshops she designed from scratch. She has also spoken and presented at Blacks at Microsoft Culture Slam, Bank Street School for Children, and The Smithsonian through the Air & Space Museum. Before The Laundromat Project, she was the Lead Designer for Gottesman Libraries. Trisha’s work with The Laundromat Project focuses around developing a robust pedagogical identity for The Laundromat Project to use with its artists and community.