Timothy Prolific Edwaujonte

Timothy Prolific Edwaujonte (Awoyemi Timothy Prolific Veit Jones) is a poet, writer, educator, genealogist, graphic designer, healer, and organizer who synthesizes ancestral traditions, creative practice, and Hip-Hop culture as an Afro-Indigenous folkloric praxis. Tim was a Riggio Fellow at The New School, is a graduate fellow at The Watering Hole, a 2021 Laundromat Project Create Change fellow, and a 2021 City Arts Corps fellow. Pro has facilitated several genealogy/creative practice workshops at the Weeksville Heritage Center, and is available for private consultations. Prolific’s genealogical research has been synthesized with his spiritual practice into two books of poetry: Ofrenda para las ancestras, and the forthcoming ethnography titled Water + Blood. Musically, Pro co-produced and appeared on SoSoon’s debut album, The Bandwagon…..Director’s Cut, collaborated with Greg G the Goldenchild on “Born Black” (as Tim Prolific Jones), and recently released “Purple” as part of SLM Dances multi-medium universe of the same name. Edwaujonte is the former Visioning Partner (VP) for Institutional Culture at PURPOSE Productions, currently teaches Kuumba/Integrated Arts at Ember Charter Schools, and is the founder of the Owo Foro Adobe publishing and performance collaborative. He is from Uniondale (Long Island, NY), and lives in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, New York.