Michael Tonge

The Black Liberation Tour

Michael works alongside fellow artists to nurture The Culture LP, a community of visual artists, musicians, healers, educators, and change makers with varied expertise. Our mission is to improve the quality of life for the global majority (Black and Brown people) through the power of the arts.

Collectively, our values are community, self expression, and liberation. The Black Liberation Tour is a multi-city Kemetic yoga tour starting in our hometown of Bed-Stuy Brooklyn, inspiring and engaging college-aged young people (17-24) to participate in immersive movement, mindfulness, and breath work practices. The program structure includes a brief workshop, followed by a 45-minute Kemetic yoga flow and meditation. Our goal is to center outdoor spaces as this is key in connecting to earth and nature. This program serves to positively impact the parasympathetic nervous system and present Black people in a healthy, caring, and nurturing manner.