Mi Casita Centro Cultural

Griot Family Story Hour

Griot Family Story Hour is a free, intergenerational sharing of Bedford Stuyvesant’s rich history, rooted in West African oral storytelling traditions. The four sessions center on our griot elders, Black and Brown community leaders who share their personal stories and historical accounts of Bed Stuy. You’ll learn about the many ways of building community, hear stories of activism and adversity, and recognize and honor the neighbors, artists, elders, and revolutionaries who define our neighborhood. Come join us in a profound and invaluable exploration of oral storytelling and cultural placemaking on a beautiful, vibrant corner of Bed Stuy.

El Centro Cultural is a Bed-Stuy-based cultural center that provides classes, exhibitions, and events for all ages, usually with an emphasis on Spanish. Programming is pay-what-you-can and designed by neighbors through proposals that the organization brings to life. El Centro Cultural’s mission is to center and root community via cultural placemaking, using the tools of art, resource-sharing, storytelling, and meeting community needs.