Khidr Joseph

Khidr Joseph, a trailblazing New York City artist, spent the past four years reshaping art in Brooklyn’s Bedford-Stuyvesant. As a versatile creator, he crafts impactful campaigns and satirical series, extending beyond traditional art spaces to the streets. Wheat-pasting creations on sidewalks, Joseph initiates vital community conversations. His work transcends self-expression; it invites viewers into a collective journey of introspection. Khidr Joseph ensures impactful narratives resonate authentically, fostering a space where art becomes a dynamic force for change and communal dialogue. Joseph’s artistic evolution began in middle school when he discovered the enchantment of the darkroom during his first photography class. This initial spark laid the foundation for a deep and abiding passion for visual storytelling. Despite a shift in his college’s photography program, Joseph seamlessly blended various media in his senior thesis, addressing the critical issue of homophobia within the Black community.