Kas Merriwether

Kas is a musician, digital storyteller, and curator of community arts experiences. They are committed to weaving visual languages of media to challenge existing systems of oppression impacting BIPOC communities in NY. As an artist themself, Kas looks to the arts as a space for healing and empowering communities, contextualizing & shaping our political realities. Prior to working with The LP, Kas served as Grant Writer at Brooklyn Arts Council, Community Relations Manager at Lang Civic Engagement and Social Justice (The New School), a Co-Producer for various independent projects, including an international dialogue series, short films & podcasts, and a Transcription Intern at BRIC Arts Media. Additionally, Kas holds a B.A. in Culture & Media Studies with a concentration in filmmaking. Outside of work, Kas performs original music at local venues, festivals, & community spaces, visits their friends’ arts showcases around NY, and dwells in studios to create new music & media with their friends and peers.