Claudia Maturell

Claudia Maturell (she/her/hers) is an Afro-Cuban creative, educator, and community advocate based in Brooklyn, NY. She is what many would call an emerging artist, as she does not have an extensive body of work to show for all the years she has been creating. Maturell’s creative work focuses on community, justice, unity, and spirituality, using the mediums of analog photography, painting, poetry, and movement to more deeply understand the social implications of universal spiritual concepts. Her collaborative community-building practices span over 10 years, centering Black and Brown communities in all aspects of my work.

Although she does not have any formal art training, she has always drawn knowledge and inspiration from her community and peers. Maturell obtained her MA in Art, Education, and Community Practice from New York University in 2021 and currently works as the Community Engagement Educator at the American Folk Art Museum.