Ayana Evans

As the natural conclusion to the Catsuit Garden public program with performance artist Ayana Evans that happened on July 29th, we are now ready to harvest! What would a harvest be without a red carpet with Catsuit diva Ayana?

Organic living meets Soul Train goodness will be happening here. Come for the fruits and veggies, walk the red carpet and gather your harvest. A playlist curated by a DJ will be played via speakers, and a limited edition prize by the artist will be awarded to the best soul train dancer of the red carpet. Evans wants to encourage us all to infuse bold joy into our everyday lives and diffuse the pressures of the week and reinforce community togetherness and healthy eating via The Laundromat Project’s community garden harvest celebration. Your most flamboyant and GLAM outfits are encouraged, but be comfortable. Pick up your veggies in style.