Abby Dobson

Abby Dobson is a Sonic Conceptual Performing Artist-Composer who believes in the power of music to inspire empathy and to change hearts and minds. She creates cultural works at the intersection of race, gender, class, and civic engagement to privilege the stories, desires and experiences of Black women and girls.

Get to know Abby Dobson
What artist, curator, activist or project has influenced or inspired you?

Carrie Mae Weems’s work and her retrospective at the Guggenheim continue to inspire me greatly. I love the marriage of the personal and the political in her work. I love her attention to the black female subject and interior. I love that she uses her work to make statements to power. I love that she inserts her body in her artwork. I love that she uses her platform to celebrate the work of other artists, scholars and creatives that inspire her. Weems and artists like her inspire me to dream and to be expansive in my vision and to not limit myself, my artistic or my artistic practice.