Meet Kyla Massey, Operations Coordinator

Kyla Massey joined The LP team as our Operations Coordinator last month. Get to know more about them!

In your opinion, why does art matter?

Art has and will always matter as a form of collective and individual reflection and seeing. There is something inherently human and deeply moving about being able to witness ourselves and each other through the reflection of our emotions (known and unknown), our lived experiences (spoken and unspoken), and our hope and dreams (realized or deferred). Art (the making of and experiencing of it) offers us an invitation to explore and experience parts of our life we may feel inaccessible to us and whispers the permission we sometimes need to share whatever we are feeling with ourselves or each other. Art gives us permission to live fully.

What LP value do you most related to and why?

“We write our own histories” is the LP value I most relate to. I am often a person who experiences spaces that do not consider me and in that very real lived experience, i’ve found it deeply necessary and liberating to write my own way.

Please share your short bio below. 100 words or less is a good length for our website.

Kyla Massey (they / she) is a technologist who believes in the power of play and the outcomes of driven curiosity who happened to fall in love with storytelling and learn some code along the way. As a storyteller, she strives to weave together their experience as a writer, producer and creative technologist with their passion for dreaming and implementing sustainable community infrastructures and praxis. Having worked as a software engineer, digital security consultant and certified hardware technician in both public and private industries, she strives to bring creative problem solving and a passion for community focused solutions to everything she does.