Artists as Neighbors: Living Liberation | Remembering & Reclaiming Our Neighborhoods

This community conversation delved into the importance of preserving and revitalizing our neighborhoods, which hold deep historical and cultural significance. Through the insights of community leaders, historians, and activists, we will explore strategies for remembering and reclaiming our neighborhoods, empowering residents, and fostering a sense of belonging. Join us to honor our heritage, share stories, and engage in a dialogue that celebrates the resilience and vibrancy of our African diaspora communities.

Moderated by Bianca Mońa featuring Quardean Lewis, Ena K. McPherson, and Peter Dwayne Robinson

Taking place June 9th & 10th, Artists as Neighbors: Living Liberation was a multi-day public convening featuring community conversations and panel discussions exploring issues of gentrification and displacement as well as how memory, history, and activism can be used in tandem to reclaim and defend neighborhoods.