Announcing People-Powered Pay-it-Forward

In every aspect of our work, The Laundromat Project channels our belief that in an abundant community, we lift one another up, we reciprocate, and when we come into good fortune, we pay it forward.

In that spirit, we’re excited to share that our annual People-Powered Challenge will look a little different this year. While typically the challenge is a peer-to-peer fundraiser, this year we are fortunate to have received a generous gift from MacKenzie Scott and Dan Jewett, so we’re choosing to spread the love.

We wouldn’t be where we are today without the greater ecosystem of creative organizations, partners, and individuals who believe in the catalytic power of art and community. Next week, we will support and celebrate 5 grassroots entities working to create change in their own communities with a no-strings-attached award of $10,000 each from The LP!

From October 25–29, join us for People-Powered Pay-it-Forward to be as inspired as we are by their incredible work.


Kelly Street Garden uses food and culture as the entry point to healing their community. The garden functions as a vehicle for addressing generational trauma which has caused many health disparities resulting from systemic racism. Make a contribution to Kelly Street—select Kelly Street Garden in the Citizen Action Groups dropdown menu. Follow on social media: @kellystgreen.

The W.O.W. Project is a women, non-binary, queer, trans led, community-based initiative that works to sustain ownership over Chinatown Manhattan’s future by growing, protecting and preserving Chinatown’s creative culture through arts, culture and activism. Support W.O.W. Project. Follow them on social media @wowprojectnyc.

The Literary Freedom Project (LFP) is committed to creating spaces that help elevate cultural narratives. Their programs value the variety of histories and cultures found in the Bronx and give educators & residents places to build community and explore social engagement. Support LFP. Follow them on social media @literaryfreedomproject.

BlackSpace bridges gaps between people, place, and power to realize racial justice with Black communities. Working on a national scale, they manifest justice through design and urban planning. Donate to BlackSpace. Follow them on social media @blackspaceorg.

STooPS connects the Bed-Stuy neighborhood with a big ol’ block party, classes, and opportunities for artistic expression in unconventional spaces—to make art accessible while honoring the local and valuing creators. Support STooPS. Follow them on social media @stoopsbedstuy.