2023 Create Change Fellows Final Presentations

The 2023 Create Change Fellows Final Presentations is a significant event that allows various individuals, including The Laundromat Project neighbors, staff, community members, supporters, and others, to come together and commemorate the completion of the 2023 Create Change Fellowship. During this 70-minute presentation, Fellows shared about their activations while also reflecting on their personal experiences during the program.

Additionally, the event aims to foster collaboration by inviting community partners to speak more about the collaboration that took place. This year’s presentation was facilitated by curator and writer Allison Glenn.

CONGRATULATIONS to our Fellows: 

Fayola I. Fair (@readingforblacklives)

Kerarah Armonie Jeudy (@kearmonie)

Leslie (Les) Mejia (@paintwithles)

Anna Lucia Parisi (@aluparisi)

Mica Verendia (@itsamilagros)

Steven Anthony Johnson (@s_a_johnson)

Daequan Alexander Collier (@daequan)

Fei Li (@_fei.Li_)

Katherine Miranda (@katmiranda_ink)

Hannah Miao (@hannahmiao)

Claudia Maturell (@diquematu)

Gloria Lau (@siteandseek)

Marwa Eltahir (@marwamoves)