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I’m interested in being a People Mover. What is required of me?

All you have to do is set up your fundraising page through Razoo, contribute $10 or more, and then recruit at least nine others to donate $10 or more. Click here to get started.

Can I still participate as a people mover if I ask less than 10 people? What if I can’t get all of the 10 people I asked to make a donation?

If you’re not sure you can reach the goal, there is no harm in trying, and we’re here to help you grow! Though we encourage you to ask 10 or more people, any ask you make will already be sharing about The LP’s work with people who may not know about us yet. However, you’ll have access to training and we’ll provide a toolkit and resources that will show you how easy it is to make an ask that will get folks to follow through with a donation!

Can I still participate in the fundraising training workshop if I don’t sign up to be a people-mover.

Yes, we believe in empowering everyone with the skills to feel comfortable with community building through grassroots fundraising, whether or not they choose to be a part of our campaign.

What if I am unable to commit time or have the means to donate this year?

We have other ways to become involved that require no money and little time, such as making a one-time donation and helping our campaign as a Social Media ambassador and/or thank you team volunteer.

What can I look forward to?

We’ll have opportunities for you to meet like-minded folks who are also people movers through events around this campaign. We’ll also have awesome prizes and other fun goodies to share with you during the 10 days of the campaign.

Social Media Ambassadors

What will social media ambassadors do?

Social media ambassadors will share and repost online content through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more for the People Powered Challenge throughout October. They will help us spread the word about how The LP is making an impact through people[-powered arts while raising awareness of this 10-day $40K fundraising campaign. Our ambassadors will help spread the reach of our communications to help grow The LP’s online community.

Thank You Team Volunteers

What will thank you team volunteers do?

Thank you team volunteers are the cheerleaders for our campaign and can help with making calls and sending notes, prizes, and fun swag to our People Movers and donors to thank them for their support. They will also be there to support our People Movers early on the campaign to help them get started. You might also have the opportunity to help create fund and exciting content around the campaign, such as playlists and hand-made thank you gifts.

People Movers

When will the 2016 People Powered Challenge take place?

October 22-31. You only have to ask your friends during that 10 day period.

Can I start asking people to donate before October 22-31?

Yes, you are welcome to start asking people to donate the minute you launch your People Mover fundraising page. If October 22-31 is a busy time for you, we encourage you to run your campaign in the weeks leading up.

What assistance will The LP provide?

As a People Mover, you have access to a training with an expert grassroots fundraiser. You also have access to tools and strategies for success:

  • resources to help you set up an online fundraising page on
  • templates
  • graphics
  • fundraising guides

We also have tips that will make it easy to recruit friends and family members to give to your campaign. We’ll share images, video, and sample text you can use to help tell the story of why you love The LP and inspire folks in your network to give!

When asking my friends, will I have “boilerplate” text?

Yes, we’ll provide stock text for your fundraiser page, social media accounts, and email to ask your friends and contacts to give. However, we encourage you to personalize your communications and use your own stories of why you believe the arts are valuable to community. Your own story and your voice resonates best with the people who know and support you. Remember to keep your text short, authentic, and in your own voice when possible.

Who should I ask to give?

Ask anyone and everyone including friends, coworkers, family members, neighbors, roommates and others you have a relationship to. We have found the success of grassroots fundraising comes from relationships and shared values and interests with those you in your networks. Tell your story and share why you choose to support The Laundromat Project and why supporting this work matters.

Should I ask my friends and relatives in a faraway place and other folks who never heard of The LP?

Yes! Though people may have never heard of us or our work, they’ll be inspired to give when they hear your story and witness you working to raise support for an organization you feel passionately about. In fact, broadening our network and those who care about our work is essential to the success of this campaign.

Should I ask only 10 people for only $10?

The goal is for each People Mover (team leader) to raise a minimum of $10 each from at least 10 friends totaling at least $100. However, we encourage you to ask at least 20 people or more as not everyone will choose to give. The minimum gift amount is $10, but we encourage you to prompt your network to give an amount that is meaningful and comfortable for them.

Do I have to give $10 too?

Yes! Please give $10 or more to participate fully in this campaign. Your friends will respond more willingly and generously when you lead by example, so please be the very first to make a donation that’s meaningful and comfortable for you.

Will The LP support me as I participate in this challenge?

Yes! In addition to a training you on your role, we are standing by to support your success in any way we can. Please contact us at, or by phone at 718-574-0798. We are here to help, so please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time for support.

We’ll be sharing tips for success from seasoned People Movers and fundraisers, and will be in touch with tips and encouragement during the campaign, including how to build your donor support base, tips on creating a compelling story, suggestions on whom to reach out to, and more.

Do I have to create a Razoo account?

In order to receive online donations, you should join our team page on Razoo (you can use your Facebook or Google account to do so). Don’t worry – Razoo is a reputable platform and your personal information will be kept secure. Don’t hesitate to contact our office should you have any questions or concerns.

How do I participate?

It’s easy! Click here for instructions on getting started.

You can use social media or a boilerplate email invitation, but personalized communications will be the most effective! We recommend writing your own email and send it to your entire contact list (you can use bcc to prevent your contacts’ emails from being visible and protect their privacy)

What inspired The LP to pursue this campaign?

Besides wanting to share our story and your stories with the whole universe because we’re so proud of what we accomplish together, The People Powered Challenge was inspired by a similar campaigns to similarly-sized , grassroots-minded organizations such as Opening Act. Witnessing the success of community building through grassroots campaign gave us the conviction that we have the power to activate our passionate, generous, amazing community as well. The work we do is for our communities and cannot exist without their support!

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