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Sharing in Hunts Point

Photo essay on Hunts Point by 2014 Fellow Sasha Phyars-Burgess

Sasha Phyars-Burgess, 2014 Fellow, sent us this photo essay about Hunts Point.


There is a youth, a stinging vibrancy in Hunt’s Point that belies its often desolate settings. Dead end corners lead to parks and abandoned lots turn into gardens. It’s not too much to say that there is a struggle here, but it’s merely indicative of the circumstances. The tide is turning. You can hear it on the streets sometimes, you definitely see it. The organizations that pop up, the hints of green busting through corners. You can feel people asking… Why can’t we have it too? What will our communities look like when we live equitably? And instead of waiting, people are doing. Taking ownership of space, claiming rights and sharing, and as always it starts first, with the kids.


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Join Sasha and other Fellows on Field Day this Saturday, September 20th for Grow Love at the Kelly Street Garden (924 Kelly Street) Read more here.


Check out Sasha’s website here.

Read The LP Interview with Sasha here.




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