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Sasha Phyars-Burgess

Sasha Phyars-Burgess

Meet our 2015 Commissioned Artists!


Please tell us of an artist, curator, activist, or project that has influenced you or inspired you?

LaToya Ruby Frazier.


Please tell us about a place in your neighborhood that is personally meaningful to you, and why?

There is an overlook in my neighborhood where you can see most of the city, it has a beautiful view at night. This point is also a crossing over of sorts—as soon as you pass this overlook (which is also a graveyard) you enter into another part of the neighborhood, a part that has a distinctly different feel, not just physically but also emotionally / internally. This point is meaningful to me because I am interested in this internal change, and its significance.


What is your favorite book, film or song about NYC?



If you have an idea of a blog post or topic you’d like to contribute to our blog, please share below!

Sustaining Neighborhoods: From Urban to Surburban, Creating City Life in the middle of nowhere.


What is the address for your blog or website?



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