1. Michael Tonge

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  3. Kevyn Way

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  4. Khidr Joseph

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  5. SRĐA

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  8. Fei Li

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  9. Chinatown Art Brigade

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    Here to Stay

    As 2019 Artists-in-Residence, collective Chinatown Art Brigade launched Here to Stay: Housing for the People Mapping Project. A collaborative, critical mapping project centering on place-keeping efforts in Chinatown and the Lower East Side, Here to Stay aimed to protect and preserve these historic neighborhoods.
  10. Walis Johnson

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  11. Natalia Guzmán Solano

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  12. Mon M.

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  13. Maya K. Jeffereis

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  14. Madjeen Issac

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  15. Jing Dong

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  16. Jessica Cortez

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  17. Duneska Suannette Michel

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  18. Brianna Harlan

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    Rochelle Jamila Wilbun and Ogemdi Ude are creating AfroPeach, a series of online dance workshops and resources for Black postpartum people in Brooklyn. The project uniquely blends movement healing practices and birth work to provide holistic care for Black people after pregnancy and birth. Offerings focus on healing from the physical, mental, and emotional effects of pregnancy and birth, creatively processing birth stories, and building somatic relationships between new parents/caretakers and their babies. AfroPeach aims to support Black bleeding and birthing people to feel empowered and sacred in their bodies, and to decrease postpartum health disparities by fostering a supportive wellness space.
  19. Kendra J. Ross

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    The Sankofa Residency

    The Sankofa Residency is a multi-phase project rooted in the history of Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, and an Afrofuturist imagining of Bed-Stuy moving forward. Inspired by the Ghanian concept of Sankofa—looking backward in order to move forward—artist Kendra J. Ross and community members will use research, oral history, and collaborative imagining to facilitate a plan for local residents, businesses, and stakeholders to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic in a place of healing, thriving, and progress. The project will culminate in a series of interdisciplinary, immersive dance experiences, taking place on site at local partnering businesses and organizations. The performance experience will transform the space into a living gallery of the past, present, and future of the site, situated in the context of the journey of Bed-Stuy.
  20. Jamel Burgess

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    Archiving East New York

    Archiving East New York uses community archival practices to explore the significance of representation and highlight counter narratives about communities of color in East New York, Brooklyn. Jamel Burgess and community members will produce an accessible digital platform combining oral histories with multimedia elements—including video, images, and ephemera—to educate East New York residents and the general public about the Brooklyn neighborhood.
    Music in East New York, United Community Centers Fair, circa 1970. Image provided by Neal Last.
  21. Ibi Ibrahim

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    Reclaiming Realities: The Yemeni American Experience

    Yemeni American artist Ibi Ibrahim will create Reclaiming Realities, a photo and oral history project documenting the image and experiences of Yemeni Americans in their own environments. Ibrahim will photograph and interview Yemeni bodega workers across New York City, creating space for each subject to tell their personal story of coming to America and reclaiming their own reality.
  22. Cheryl Wing-Zi Wong

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    Reflective Urbanisms: Mapping NY Chinatown

    Reflective Urbanisms: Mapping NY Chinatown is a storytelling project by Cheryl Wing-Zi Wong about Manhattan’s Chinatown community, as told through its built environment. The project will map Chinatown through changes the buildings and streets have undergone over time, and through community stories about the activities that took place there.
    Artist Cheryl Wing-Zi Wong's "Constellation" installation creates a pavilion on Chinatown's Doyer Street.
  23. Gisela Zuniga

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  24. Ariana Faye Allensworth

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    Staying Power: A Participatory Storytelling Project

    Staying Power is a collaborative, multidisciplinary art and research project that celebrates the people’s history of New York City public housing. The project offers counter-narratives to the stereotypes surrounding the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) through the lens of residents raised and living in NYCHA.

    Ariana’s Resources

    The LP Reading Group – February 2022 – Reparations, Pandemic, and Power

  25. Musicians Teachers Organists Branch of National Association of Negro Musicians

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    Bed-Stuy Create & Connect Fund Recipient

    About the Musicians Teachers Organists Branch of National Association of Negro Musicians 

    Chartered in 1931 and based in Bedford-Stuyvesant, the mission of MuTeOr is today as it was then: to preserve America’s original music, the Negro Spiritual, Jazz, and Blues; and to promote youth, collegians, and emerging musicians of color.


    With a panel of musical historians and performers, the program will bring together a multigenerational audience to enjoy the music of the ancestors; learn how Bedford-Stuyvesant churches and choirs caused the genre to flourish; and how the strategic, creative use of language transcends time, generations, and genres to express struggle, protest, overcoming and joy.

    Create & Connect Fund Applicants: Kathleen Grosvenor, Patricia F. Robinson, Lynnette Brinson

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  26. Math Through Art Inc

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    Bed-Stuy Create & Connect Fund Recipient

    Math & Art Learning Pods

    Math Through Art is providing math and art learning pods to participants of all ages that will be provided in the local Bedford Stuyvesant area. We intend to develop confidence in their understanding of mathematics through creative activities that provide mathematical instruction such as pattern printing paintings, jewelry making and more. 

    Create & Connect Fund Applicant: Angela Bell 

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  27. Marienne Thomas

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    Bed-Stuy Create & Connect Fund Recipient

    About Marienne

    Marienne Thomas, artistically known as Yen, is a Visual artist/portraitist and the Director of Youth Programs at Bailey’s Cafe. I have been establishing myself an artist for the past 3 years and looking to develop more meaningful artwork that impacts our community and create conservations.

    As Quiet As It’s Kept: the Story Continues–The Portrait Project

    AQAIK: The Story Continues-The Portrait Project will focus on the residents of Jackie Robinson/Fulton Housing complex and Brevoort Public Houses to bring visibility, both through word and image, to people who are often treated as if they were invisible. This next iteration of AQAIK comes out of a larger community-based movement to offer an alternative to the violence that continues to erupt in the neighborhood. Through this project and others we aim to bring positive, life affirming activities to those who may not feel that they are normally included.

    Create & Connect Fund Applicant: Marienne Thomas

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